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via tiffkei

Most of my Facebook friends have seen it…at least once or twice…(or maybe a dozen times)…


This is usually my response to Facebook posts asking for prayer. Friends ask for prayers…people that I have never met in ask for prayers…and my answer is “Praying…”

So, the question is: do I actually pray?

A couple of years ago my honest answer would have been “no.” I would say, with very good intentions, “I’ll pray for you.” But honestly? I forgot. Within seconds I was thinking about my errands and whatever activity my kids needed to be at that night. I said I would pray…but I didn’t really pray.

Today I am different. When I say “I’ll pray for you.” I am in that moment praying for you. I am taking a breath, thinking about whats going on, listening for a deeper meaning…a spark…God’s voice in your situation.

And then I pray. I say a prayer…in that second…for you. That is what I mean when I say “praying.” But what about the dots “………” There is movement in those dots. Those dots…not a period…not an exclamation…not an end…those dots are a continuing. I continue to pray…

So, tonight, when I told a girl…not even in her teens yet….that I am praying for her, that I know her situation is scary, and that I see that she somehow had the strength to do the right thing. In that moment, I really am praying for her. And in the dots…I am still praying for her.

When I say “I’ll pray for you.” It usually means…I am praying for you, I am listening for you, and I will continue to pray for you because you…like me…are a beloved child of God. You matter. You are worthy of the prayers that are sent up for you.

When I say “praying….” Know that I am praying for you.

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