Israel Trip – Day 1

I am not sure exactly where we are as I write this. My Google Map app is telling me that my location cannot be determined. I know we have 40 minutes left in the flight.

And I know, as much as I enjoy Rob Bell podcasts, I’m ready for a break. I also know, the longest leg of our journey to Israel is yet to come. We still have an over 10-hour flight in front of us.

I also know, I’ve unloaded from an aircraft on the tarmac for the first time today. I saw planes being de-iced this morning. That’s new too. I’ll be in New Jersey for the first time ever. There’s a lot of firsts in front of me for the next ten days. I pray that I approach every single one of them with curiosity. With open eyes, ready to see what God would have me see; open ears, ready to hear the truth God would speak and an open heart, ready to feel Gods spirit move through us for the rest of this pilgrimage.

Many blessings,

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