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I’ve avoided writing an “About Me” page. This is probably one of the hardest things that I have ever had to sit down and write for a few reasons. First, it feels an arrogant “here is why I am important” page. Second, it doesn’t feel very honest; we all know I’m going to leave out the things that make me “me”…you know the broken, hard to face, unsure side of myself. Third, no matter how much I write, I must leave almost everything “About Me” on the cutting room floor. It takes a life time to get to know me, just like it takes a life time to get to know you.

Letters and numbers are just that, letters and numbers. When they are put together they begin to have meaning but even then they mean different things to different people. The letters “M” and “O” don’t mean too much, until you put them in a certain order “Mom.” Mom takes on a meaning bigger than its parts. When I tell you I am a mom, I am saying that I understand what it is to be the one responsible to nurture a life, that as my two sons travel through their teenage years, I am learning to let go of that life and encourage it to spread wings so one day they can fly. But even more than that “mom” means all the struggles that come with family, the deep joys, and terrifying pain…the fear, the anger, the intensity of this world. One little word…

Numbers are the same. When I “9”, “1”, “4” doesn’t mean much, until I put them together “914.” Maybe 914 doesn’t mean much to you, but to me it is a home. Grandma’s house. Family eating a Sunday meal together, cousins running around playing, fighting, prayer, sleepless nights, and even death. I remember standing in that home, the day after my grandfather died, I was 13. I had held myself together all morning but suddenly couldn’t any more. The tears just came and would not stop. In an instant I had the love of my mom and my aunts holding and surrounding me. Letting me know that it was ok to grieve. “914”…when those numbers come together I hear a story…my story, more than any “About Me” page could ever hold.

When I read the Bible, I understand the same to be true. The Bible is deep and complex, every word containing a full story, a life that was once lived.

More letters…

Follower of Christ




United Methodist


And above all…a beloved child of God.

These are a few simple words that let you have a small glimpse into a small part of me.

Peace and Blessings! ~ Tiffany


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