conversations with the boss

One of my favorite things about working at First United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs are my conversations with the boss, Rev. Kent Ingram.

His background and experience…his calling…is to large, old, downtown churches. And it shows. He is gifted at pastoring from the pulpit, [attempting] to manage staff (get us laughing and we quickly become a very unmanageable group!), and he (self-admittedly) spends his time “putting stuff back in the box.” The place he calls church is found under the large steeple downtown.

On the other hand, I can’t define the place I call church as easily. Church is at the edge of the building and the culture and in the people I meet there, in the magnificent mountains, and in the new community that FUMC is helping me build. I am creative, innovative…basically I spend my time taking stuff out of boxes.

As different as we are, we are both deeply theological and reflective. We don’t just do what we do, we spend a lot of time understanding why we do what we do. And I love the conversations that we have. They are food for my soul. But it isn’t just about conversations, often Kent asks a question or throws out a statement that makes me think. Sometimes I agree with his thought and other times I disagree. More often than not, I think he is statement is right on for his context, but doesn’t fit as easily into my church planting context. Often, I wish we could pause life for a moment and talk about it.

Well, I love these conversations and I was wondering if maybe others would like the opportunity eavesdrop and maybe even join in. And Kent thought it was a cool idea too. So, I am going to invite you in to our conversation hopefully we all learn a little about the church and about one another.



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