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via tiffkei
via tiffkei

We all journey through this life with random blind spots. You know…those moments when you have been working on a math problem for over an hour, take a 10-minute break and on returning instantly see that you were missing a simple minus sign. Or how about when you are making a hard decision, weighing all of your options, and suddenly there is this moment that the choice is clear. Something happens, we see into the blind spot, and we ask ourselves…how in the world did I miss that??? I love these moments! (Also known as “aha moments!”). I was supper excited when a spiritual exercise we did at a retreat a few weeks ago led me to one of those moments.

There were pictures laid out over two different tables, tons of them. Beautiful pictures, weird pictures, confusing pictures, abstract pictures, real life shots…it was an awesome sight. For the spiritual exercise, our leader asked us to select a picture that represented our spiritual journey at this moment.  We then returned to small groups and told our story with the image as a starting point…why we picked it and what it represents. It opened up these beautiful opportunities to see into our own journeys in a new way, it also allowed us to encourage and love the people who were sharing their stories with us. It was a God filled exercise.

This activity belongs in my “Leaders Tool Bag!” Can you imagine all the activities I could do? So, here is what I am asking: are you willing to share your moments with me via Instagram? Take a picture that represents this moment in your spiritual journey, or a moment that you see God…or any moment that just begs to be saved (…and shared!) Upload it to Instagram, do the fancy editing thingamajig, and tag it with #Iseethismoment. Maybe, just maybe someone will see their spiritual journey in your moment.

Thank you!!!

Past Moments….

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