Wandering away from God…

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via tiffkei

Sunday, September 30, 2012

James 5:13-20, The Message

Prayerful Response to Lectio Divina

A sparkling word or Phrase:

“epidemic of wandering away from God”


The last line of the text brought with it an image of people, an unimaginable number of them, wandering away from God. Not really wandering away from God but more specifically wandering away from the Church. Along with the image is the question “why?”


God of all Grace, as I step into my future with you, as I choose again and again, to walk with you, to live my life with you, please help me remember…remind me…that I am here, I am doing this because of Grace. In the days, months, and years ahead help me stay rooted in your Grace.

I see Grace…

I see Grace…in the people I talk to, the people I walk by, the people I hug, the people I live with, the person in the mirror.

I see Grace…everywhere.

But I worry. I worry that one day those people leaving the Church in mass will be my concern and I am afraid that in that moment, I will forget to stay grounded in your Grace. In that moment, I will be the one wandering away from you. Help me love the way you ask me to love and don’t let me forget that I love because you first loved me. I do what I do because I see Grace.


1 Samuel 3:1-10 (11-20)

Samuel’s call story. [Enter deep sigh of contentment here.] I would love to come up with something new or exciting, a new twist on the text or an insight that would bring light but I have to start with what it is, a call story. God’s call into a life, over and over, until we recognize The Voice. This story tells me it is ok to miss God’s voice, God will continue to speak into our lives until we recognize and hear. Every whisper is a new chance to respond. God doesn’t keep track of how many times we didn’t hear, the Creator of the world does not get frustrated by our deafness, our Redeemer does not get put off by our blindness, The Sustainer of our lives does not hold a grudge. God speaks again. That’s it. God speaks again, and again, again. With love, gentleness, and wisdom, he calls again.