1 Samuel 3:1-10 (11-20)

Samuel’s call story. [Enter deep sigh of contentment here.] I would love to come up with something new or exciting, a new twist on the text or an insight that would bring light but I have to start with what it is, a call story. God’s call into a life, over and over, until we recognize The Voice. This story tells me it is ok to miss God’s voice, God will continue to speak into our lives until we recognize and hear. Every whisper is a new chance to respond. God doesn’t keep track of how many times we didn’t hear, the Creator of the world does not get frustrated by our deafness, our Redeemer does not get put off by our blindness, The Sustainer of our lives does not hold a grudge. God speaks again. That’s it. God speaks again, and again, again. With love, gentleness, and wisdom, he calls again.


A few weeks ago I found myself drawn into an epic debate over all things Christian. It was amazing and fun, I loved every second. At one point, an hour or two into the debate, I mentioned the contradictions in the Bible. To which my friend informed me that there were none. Which kind of confused me. Of course there are contradictions…of course he wanted examples…of course I couldn’t think of one in that second. Yikes! There is nothing worse than my brain taking a nap in the middle of a debate! (OK…there are many things in life that are much worse but it wasn’t a fun moment!)

When my brain finally rebooted, I pointed out that Genesis 1 depicts God as transcendent and powerful, while Genesis 2 describes God as anthropomorphic, walking through the garden in the evening. His answer was to point out the trinity and remind me that God is anthropomorphic and transcendent.

So, I was thinking about this conversation today and had one of those moments. You know, those moments that the answer comes after the opportunity to speak it has passed.

The trinity, in its very nature is contradictory. Somehow we hold the trinity with ease. We are OK with God that is Father, Son, and Spirit. We are fine with the fact the Christ is fully God and fully Man. These are contradictions, things that cannot fully exist at the same time. Why is it that God can be beyond our understanding but when it comes to the Bible we want to rid it of the things that don’t make sense? The Bible has contradictions. For me that’s one of the things that makes it Holy…it is a book that I can turn to when I need to look for peace…I can open it when I need strength, understanding, and wisdom. It is also a book that I find conviction and correction. I am OK with God being more than I can ever understand, I am also OK with the Bible being more than I can understand.

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